I’m proud son of a farmer from India to make an impact among student community through cloud.

When I was in my masters I found it hard to learn computers without inspiration. Since then I have been experimenting to teach people computers in common sense.

Passion is the key which drives me to teach students and lead INSPIRE-groups.

In 2011, founded INSPIRE-groups and life is getting better from there!

In a nutshell

    • TV – The Big Bang Theory, 3rd rock from run, Prison Break

    • FILM – Shawshank Redemption, Invictus, Godfather,

    • BOOKS – The Alchemist, The Notebook, The Greatness Guide.

    • MUSIC – Amrutha Varshini, Pani Da Rang

    • BEVERAGE – Coffee and Breezer

    • CAKE – Honey and Apple