Onclive_once_quotee I was heading back to my native after collecting my SSC certificate. It was around 12 AM. My farmhouse was 4 km away from the bus station.There was no transportation facility available and even that was the time where cell phones were far from reach to common people. It was the day when Life taught me what courage is. I just walked through the area where burglary and robbery was at its heights.

There was another day in my life I hanged out with friends in one of finest hotel . It was the day we spent around thousands of rupees just for a dinner and desserts.

The reason why I revealed the above situations in my life is to tell you that life has presented me with crests of happiness and troughs of sadness.

Rising Like Sun

Praveen Hanchinal enjoying the vibe of First Light

Life is just Beautiful. <3

I’ll write more about my life, passion, interests and dreams in my blog further.

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