Research Issues, Challenges and Directions in IoT | Seminar at KEC, Erode, Tamil Nadu

IoT workshop

This blog is about my visit as a Resource Person to Kongu Engineering College (KEC), Erode, Tamil Nadu for an AICTE sponsored National Seminar titled Generation Towards IoT model and Cyber Security for the Internet Environment with my dear friend Sajeet. IoT (Internet of Things) is next game changer in all possible ways. IoT may even lead to next revolution in the history of mankind.

The College:

The college is located at Perundurai, 40 KM far from Erode. This is one of the best-visited colleges so far. Lush green campus, state of the art infrastructure. I was told that they even have one of the biggest auditoria in Asia. It feels like a university within itself.


We stayed at Guest House provided with well-equipped amenities and delicious food.


The Talk:

The focus of my talk was on Research Issues, Challenges and Directions in IoT. I started with basics of IoT and then extended to an overall view of issues and challenges in IoT. Along with me, there was another resource person Dr Sudip Misra from IIT, Kharagpur who spoke on advanced topics.

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Got affirmative feedback. Here are some of them.

Thank you sir. We had a nice session. We identified a good resource. Participants were also very happy. Thank you once again. -Dr. Sivabalaselvamani.D, Assistant Professor, KEC.

very informative session, needs hands on training -S.ANITHA, Professor, Vivekanandha Institute of Information And Management Studies.

Your session was really very good. Gave introduction to IoT and various issues prevailing in IoT. -Dr.N.SHANTHI, Professor, Kongu Engineering College.

It was a great experience. Get a knowledge about IoT -Vishpravasi, MCA Student, Sona College of Technology

Excellent. May include demonstration sessions -Thangaraj P, Assistant Professor, KEC

Sir, really it was very useful session. I got a basic idea about IOT only after attending your session. And also i liked your way of lecturing, giving a simple example along with concept -S.Deepa, Assistant Professor, KEC

Here is a copy of the presentation which was presented at the venue.

Thanks to the audience interest, which triggered me to deliver the presentation better.

The Exploration:

The next day we planned to visit Isha Yoga Foundation via Coimbatore. We tried to explore public transportation. Coimbatore in full of traffic. Felt like Bangalore. As the Isha Yoga Foundation was around 150km far from Erode. We were bewildered as all buses names and directions signs were in Tamil and interestingly both private and government buses share the same bus station. Most bus drivers see themselves as a Formula1 driver within them. Thanks to Google maps, Ola Cabs without which we wouldn’t have returned on time.

The Isha Foundation:

The Isha Foundation located in Velliangiri Hills is a non-profit, spiritual organization founded in 1992 by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. We reached there by noon. First, we visited the gigantic Adiyogi then explored about Dhayanlinga in Isha Yoga Center.

TN-Isha-Pravin-Hanchinal (3)

112 feet Adiyogi:

When dug for more information, the number(112) is both symbolic and scientifically significant for our existence because he (Shiva or Adiyogi) opened up one hundred and twelve possibilities for human beings to reach their ultimate nature, and there are one hundred and twelve chakras with which you can work. The 112-ft face of Adiyogi at Isha Yoga Center now holds the record for the largest bust on the planet by Guinness World Records. Looking at colossal Burst of Shiva gives a feel of how insignificant we are.
TN-Isha-Pravin-Hanchinal (8)
TN-Isha-Pravin-Hanchinal (9)


I got disappointed when I heard that camera has to be surrendered at Isha Yoga main entrance. But that is what the right thing they are doing by surrendering the gadgets to maintain the tech free vibe. We visited Dhayanlinga at Isha Yoga centre where we meditated for 15 minutes. It is said Dhyanalinga is the distilled essence of yogic sciences, it is an outer manifestation of the peak form of inner energies. Overall it was a good spiritual experience.

Train philosopher:

During our return journey in Dadar express, some passengers caught a drunk man with alcohol. But interestingly neither the TC nor the policeman took instant action. Then there was this “Train Philosopher” (Coach Maintenance) head who started to speak to us with his wisdom of handling bad guys. As he got to know we know Hindi, his views on various aspects started to pour. As a railway catering guy denied him some free chicken, he got disappointed. We were surprised to see him drunk and started to speak to us. I still wonder how English vocabulary comes to action when people get drunk. His words were like “I Don’t care people say. I tell enjoy Life. Tension lene ka nahi. You listen me.” After another minute he dozed off by the time we started to see a philosopher in him.

Finally, I express my gratitude to D. Sivabalaselvamani and the HOD Dr.A.Tamilarasi for their hospitality.

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Praveen Hanchinal

Praveen Hanchinal is an Educator, IT Consultant, Professional Speaker on Artificial Intelligence (AI, ML, DL), Cloud, Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things) and BlockChain. Have been working on AI, Cloud, Big Data, IoT technologies for 9.0 years. He is a Team Lead, Educator, IT Consultant, trains and gives talks on topics of his interest and educates people. Trained around 11000+ people which include teachers, students, industry professionals and government officials on recent technologies.

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