How To Choose Badminton Shuttles?

Badminton players should choose shuttlecocks mainly according to level of skill : OCCASIONAL  (discovering badminton and technique), REGULAR (plays regularly and partially masters technique) and INTENSIVE (plays often and fully masters technique).


The OCCASIONAL player plays now and again and hasn’t yet mastered centring shuttlecock. They require optimum solidity at a good value price.
–> therefore a shuttle with foam base and plastic skirt.

Plastic skirts and foam bases are very durable.

The REGULAR player plays often and partially masters centring shuttlecock. They require very good solidity and good comfort of impact.
–> therefore a shuttle with cork base and plastic skirt.

Cork bases ensure good comfort on impact.

An INTENSIVE player plays often and perfectly masters centring shuttle. They require good comfort of impact and optimum control.
–> therefore a shuttle with cork base and feather skirt.

Feather skirts are better for control due to parachute trajectory.





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