Big Data Analytics Workshop, AMGOI, Kolhapur | An assimilating experince

Got invited for Big Data Analytics Workshop at (Ashokrao Mane Group Of Institutions) AMGOI, Kolhapur, India. The journey started at 5:30 AM from Dharwad. Dr. K. Ravi, Director, AMGOI picked me. The journey was cool via NH48. I was accompanied by Dr. Vijay S. Rajpurohit and Dr. Sanjeev S. Sannakki. It was great to listen to their conversations and learn from them.
AMGOI Kolhapur Jan 2017 Big Data Analytics (7)
AMGOI Kolhapur Jan 2017 Big Data Analytics (8)

Session 1: Big Data Analytics introduction:

Sessions started with Dr. Vijay S. Rajpurohit followed by Dr. Sanjeev S. Sannakki by noon. At lunch we had delicious food.
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Session 2: Hands-on session on CloudEra and HortonWorks Big Data stacks.

Post lunch my session started. The session covered “What if” analysis on various scenarios. Studied on How Big is Big Data. How Big Data is generated. Demonstrated how MapReduce works in core. The Hand-on session covered the use of Big Data stacks CloudEra and HortonWorks in Virtual Mode. Explored CloudEra. Demonstration on MapReduce on sample election data. Using Eclipse, sample WordCount code was plugged in, to create a jar. Horton Works Stack was installed and UI was run on Browser. It was huge challenge to cover much in limited time. Regardless of some technical glitches, the session concluded on a positive note.
AMGOI Kolhapur Jan 2017 Big Data Analytics (2)
AMGOI Kolhapur Jan 2017 Big Data Analytics (5)

AMGOI Kolhapur Jan 2017 Big Data Analytics (4)

AMGOI Kolhapur Jan 2017 Big Data Analytics (1)
Click here to see the presentation for the workshop.

Got 97% feedback for my session. Click here to see the feedback of workshop.

Post workshop, we visited Mahalaxmi Temple in Kolhapur. Thanks to presence of mind and influence of Dr. K. Ravi sir, without whom we would not have experienced the blessings of Deity within short range of Idol.

Thanks for Shridhar Allagi, Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi for his reference. His small act of reference may have a butterfly effect on me.

PS: Mahalaxmi Temple picture is just for representation purpose only.

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