IGNITE | Being Awesome, a Student’s Greatness Guide

IGNITE -Igniting the power within!

We believe the success of the student is dependent more on his interpersonal skills than mechanical skills. Hence we grafted ‘Ignite’. Ignite is a unique program which focuses on what is important (Mind, Body, and Technology). We gathered inputs from the ancient wisdom of Veda, Upanishad, Mythology, Yoga and blended with findings of modern sciences as Psychology, Cell biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Working for more than 5 years on this project we came to conclusion Mind, Body and Technology is what matters the most. This workshop is a product of imparting the same. Supplementary Audio-Visuals are included to make the sessions more interactive.

Required Duration:

2-3 hours (Customizable)


Projector, Audio systems (Microphone and Speakers)

The workshop throws light on the following topics

    1. How to Study


    1. How to make notes


    1. Why/How to Score high in exams


    1. How to Concentrate and Control Mind


    1. How to Train Brain


    1. How thoughts become actions


    1. How to form or break a habit.


    1. Etiquetes DO’s and DONT’s


    1. How to handle relationships


    1. How to manage time


    1. How to maintain a good health


    1. How to cure illness without doctor


    1. What/How to Eat


    1. How to sleep well


    1. Books to read for personal greatness


    1. Unconventional ways to learn English proficiently


    1. How to use the internet wisely


    1. How to make technology work for you


    1. Apps for personal greatness


  1. How to create legacy of Life

The workshop concludes stating a sloka from BhagwadGita, summing up everything with what we call as a 5V model.

वस्त्रेण वपुषा वाचा विद्यया विनयेन |

वकारैः पञ्चभिर्युक्तः नरो भवति पूजितः ||

Above Sanskrit excerpt in English mean “a person will get rewarded everywhere who has

these qualities: Vastram, Vapush, Vaak, Vidyaya, Vinayam”

  • Vastram -Attire:

How to dress and use clothing’s accessories.

  • Vapush -Body Language:

How to have a positive impact by our gestures.

  • Vaak -Communication Skills:

How to convey our ideas sharply and effectively.

  • Vidyaya -Technical SKills:

The best practices to attain the skills and knowledge.

  • Vinayam -Attitude:

How positive attitude, compassion can change the course of your life.

Workshop Facilitator:

Praveen Hanchinal

Pravin Hanchinal is recognized Resource Person, Educator, Professional Speaker, Cloud, Big Data, IoT Evangelist, and Personal Greatness Coach. Trained around 7500+ people which include teachers, students, industry on ancient wisdom and recent technologies.

He is known for his great presentation skills and sense of humour. His analogical explanations make audience to gain the sturdy concepts in the simplest way.

Phone : +91 974-086-1099

Email: pravinhanchinal@gmail.com

Learn more about Praveen at pravinhanchinal.com

His presentations can be accessed at pravinhanchinal.com/presentations

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