Inside a Gentleman’s Brain

Recently I have been addressed as Gentleman. Though I do not want to be called so, people think I’m one. It takes a lot to be so.
As I understand in a limited way. Here is what happens inside a Gentleman’s Brain. This is my personal opinion. No offence to Gentleman out there.

Who is Gentleman?

As dictionaries put it: a civilized, educated, sensitive, or well-mannered man.
In laymen terms, he chooses to remain calm under all circumstances. Who chooses to put others happiness over his own.

The Game of Ice and Fire:

This Gentleman has to always treat you well all time. Need to be well behaved all time. Need to be soft-spoken. People expect him to be nice all time. He chooses to get hurt himself to avoid hurting you.

Sometimes, this Gentleman is tired of being NICE. He just wants to shout but again choose to remain calm. The brain of this Gentleman will be something like “F*#K this man. Beat the hell out of the man” to the man who troubled him. He again chooses to give tranquil scorn.

At times, he feels to shoot the troubling one and get relaxed.
Still, he chooses to SMILE with an invisible gun in his head.

He will be at war within for your peace!

Praveen Hanchinal

Praveen Hanchinal is an Educator, IT Consultant, Professional Speaker on Artificial Intelligence (AI, ML, DL), Cloud, Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things) and BlockChain. Have been working on AI, Cloud, Big Data, IoT technologies for 9.0 years. He is a Team Lead, Educator, IT Consultant, trains and gives talks on topics of his interest and educates people. Trained around 11000+ people which include teachers, students, industry professionals and government officials on recent technologies.

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2 Responses

  1. Roopa.holagannavar says:

    How stress the gentle man have to be calm and cool in all situation his that character makes him a true gentleman…

  2. Laxmi gurlahosur says:

    Being gentle man is not a easy work , even though having so many confusions in his mind he simply smile and carry all things perfectly ….really great…

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