Top funny search engine tricks (updated)

Google Atari Breakout:

Go to this link (Google images) and type Atari Breakout and play it!

IP locator:

Bing wallpaper:

Bing mirror:

Funny logo:

Put Your Name on Google Logo

Google Gravity :

To do the above trick ,just write google gravity in google search box and switch to .”I’m Feeling lucky Button” and then search it.

elgooG (Google mirror):

To do the above trick just type the elgoog in the search engine with the “I’m Feeling lucky Button”

or visit

Pacman on Google:

You can play pacman game on google as well as control it with your keyboard . To play pacman game click
on the pacman on google above or text pacman google in google search box.


Type tilt in google search box and see what happends!

Epic Google:

It will increase the size of google each component bigger and bigger .Open, type Epic Google in the search box on I’m feeling Lucky button

Weenie Google:

This work opposite to epic Google .It decrease the size of each component smaller and smaller..Open, type Weenie Google in the search box on I’m feeling Lucky button

Rainbow Google:

To have a rainbow effect on type rainbow google inthe search box and see rainbow google.

Disappearing ‘oo’ in google:

This trick can use to show magic to others by disappearing oo from google. to do this click the above link , after that google search engine will appear to you then click on screen than after that after 3 sec. oo will diaappear

Dancing Google Logo:

Google in Black:

Google Moon:

Google Snake:

Play classical snake game

Google Guitar:

Google Underwater:

Google Terminal:

Did I miss anything? Add that in comment box.

Praveen Hanchinal

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