Which bus you are in?

It is always an awakening experience to look outside in window while travelling in bus. Most of the life questions are answered on the go. But one fine day I started to compare life with buses. Eventually few insights liberated out of box thinking I would like to share.

Have you experienced changes in attitude among people in long route express buses(Volvo) against the local buses(ordinary)?
This happens because there is lot of boost and attitude when you are in good conditioned bus. People don’t dump thrash, behave well and maintain a good code of conduct. Bus conductors and drivers present themselves in a proper etiquette.

In contrast to this, journey in ordinary buses will always feel inferior to the fast bus. People argue, misbehave, dump trash in buses. Even the mechanic shows ignorance towards the ordinary bus maintenance. He also knows it is okay to ignore average people (bus).

If you lead your life like ordinary bus, people scratch (interfere in your personal stuff), dump trash(leave the negative thinking) and judge you.

When you live like ordinary bus, you are just another bus.
When you live like Volvo. You are limited edition, the special one.
When you lead life like Volvo buses, it is always a pleasant journey.
Don’t live life like an ordinary bus. Yes , I mean it.

PS: Some people just don’t like buses, they lead the life like a Caravan. I’ll write more about it when I’ll have one for myself.

Till then, Happy journey.

Praveen Hanchinal

Praveen Hanchinal is an Educator, IT Consultant, Professional Speaker on Artificial Intelligence (AI, ML, DL), Cloud, Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things) and BlockChain. Have been working on AI, Cloud, Big Data, IoT technologies for 9.0 years. He is a Team Lead, Educator, IT Consultant, trains and gives talks on topics of his interest and educates people. Trained around 11000+ people which include teachers, students, industry professionals and government officials on recent technologies.

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